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New to ROS?

Please visit www.ros.org to find out more information on ROS, the Robot Operating System.

About code.ros.org

code.ros.org is hibernated and only available for archive purposes. Most repositories have been migrated to GitHub. Please see the list of GitHub organization units for the most up-to-date list.

code.ros.org was a development site for ROS-related software, including the ros-pkg and wg-ros-pkg projects. ros-pkg provides general robot software capabilities, while wg-ros-pkg is a repository for Willow Garage-related software, including the PR2 robot.


The following ROS-related repositories are hosted on code.ros.org:

  • ros: ROS core software platform
  • ros-pkg: general robot software libraries for ROS, including navigation, 3-D visualization, coordinate transforms, drivers, and more.
  • wg-ros-pkg: PR2 software, Willow Garage research, and other Willow Garage-related software.
  • opencv: OpenCV computer vision library
  • karto: Karto mapping library from SRI International

Bug Reports/Feature Requests

Please see the Tickets page on the ROS wiki.

Mailing List Archives

Please see the Lurker archives.

An outdated archive is still available in the code.ros.org Lurker archives.


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Recently Registered Projects
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(2010-06-23) PR2 Debian packages
(2010-03-16) Karto
(2010-02-22) Willow Garage Publications
(2009-12-03) PR2 Documentation
(2009-10-08) data
(2009-08-29) wg-ros-pkg
(2009-08-29) ros-pkg
(2009-08-29) ros
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