Re: [ros-users] Current state of SMACH in ROS

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Author: Herman Bruyninckx
To: User discussions
Subject: Re: [ros-users] Current state of SMACH in ROS
On Thu, 16 Feb 2012, Frederic Siepmann wrote:

> Hi there,
> On 02/16/2012 09:36 PM, Herman Bruyninckx wrote:
>> Coordination is _the_ major missing feature in ROS. (SMACH is a small step
>> in this direction.)
> I also couldn't agree more. I can not tell too much about the current state
> of SMACH but there are plenty of frameworks out there dealing with this very
> topic. One of the more advanced ones might be the SCXML implementation from
> Apache Commons (
> and we ( and probably some other RoboCup
> teams have taken some steps to deal with coordination.
> I was wondering what you think about e.g. using SCXML in ROS or bridging
> existing frameworks?

SCXML is a _standard_, not a piece of software, so it can, in itself, not
bridge any frameworks. And as most W3C standards, it's _way_ to feature
rich; for example, it specifies iteration and conditionals, which is just
one of the many "event logics" that one might want to use.

> Cheers,
> Frederic

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